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Elimination of saphenous reflux after tributary sclerotherapy: report of two cases

Abolição do refluxo de safena após escleroterapia de colaterais: relato de dois casos

Felipe Puricelli Faccini; Claudia Carvalho Sathler-Melo

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Abstract: Most patients with chronic venous disease (CVD) and reflux in the saphenous vein are treated with saphenous stripping or ablation. The venous hemodynamics approach offers the possibility of treating saphenous reflux without eliminating the saphenous vein. We present 2 cases in which venous reflux was eliminated while preserving the great saphenous vein, after treatment with hemodynamic sclerotherapy using a protocol of synergic use of Dextrose and long pulse Nd YAG 1064 laser. These cases show that treating the tributaries responsible for saphenous reflux can correct hemodynamic imbalances and restore normal flow in the great saphenous vein with improvements in symptoms and esthetics. Long-term results are still uncertain.


saphenous vein, sclerotherapy, venous reflux, venous insufficiency


Resumo: A maioria dos pacientes com insuficiência venosa crônica e refluxo na veia safena é tratada com retirada ou ablação da safena. A hemodinâmica venosa traz a possibilidade de tratar esses pacientes sem eliminar a veia safena. Nós apresentamos dois casos de refluxo parcial de veia safena magna resolvidos com escleroterapia hemodinâmica. Usamos um protocolo de uso sinergístico de glicose 75% e Nd-YAG laser 1064. Os casos nos mostram que o tratamento das tributárias pode corrigir o refluxo da veia safena e obter melhora clínica e cosmética. Os resultados de longo prazo ainda são incertos.


safena, escleroterapia, refluxo venoso, insuficiência venosa


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